A Possible Huge Wrinkle In Alberto Del Rio Stabbing Incident



In the last few days, there have been many details have emerged from Alberto Del Rio’s stabbing incident. Del Rio is now recovering from the injuries, but there are several compelling descriptions of the situation. According to Wrestling Inc., there are reports that WWE superstar Paige was present at the time.

Another interesting twist to the story is Del Rio’s girlfriend Paige. The report from MLW Radio did not mention the injured WWE Superstar being there but one account Del Rio gave Mexican media did. Meltzer was also relayed a story that mentioned Paige being there. Word is that while Del Rio and the man went to the ground with the man still stabbing Del Rio, she got involved and was thrown by the suspect. Del Rio went to check on her and that is when the man got away in his own car.

This potentially changes things up a bit if Paige was there during the incident. She could provide a clearer account of everything that went on this past weekend in San Antonio. At the same time, this also could have allowed Del Rio to contact Lucha AAA through her that he wasn’t going to being able to attend the event.

It’s no secret that the two superstars have been dating over the last several months, and it has been made a prominent topic of discussion. If Paige was there or not, the only good news to this all is that Del Rio didn’t suffer any serious wounds. Hopefully, he can put this scary incident quickly behind him.

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