A Star Player Picked A Fight With A Ref On Field And Lost Spectacularly



Refs have a tough job in the NFL. They have to make split second decisions and keep their eyes on 22 players at time. Messing up can seriously affect the outcome of the game, so it’s a high pressure situation. They also take massive amounts of hate from fans, and have to break up fights between some of the strongest people in the world.

Sometimes you can see them get fed up with players who keep trying to get away with illegal moves or who start fights. That’s what happened today during the Vikings game, when a scuffle broke out over a turnover.

The ref was clearly sick of it, and so he went after Stephon Diggs. Impressively, despite Digg’s size and strength, the ref won the fight and pushed Diggs around like he was nothing.

Props to the ref for getting control of the situation, and for holding his own against a professional football player.

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