A WWE Legend Is Set To Return To Smackdown Live



The WWE is set to reach a historic mark with the 900th episode of Smackdown. It’s a feat that shows the longevity that the program has had. In light of that, a former WWE superstar is set to make his return to the show.

This should get wrestling fans pumped up to see a fan favorite back in the ring. His sudden retirement several years ago was a heartbreaking experience that only given a stronger connection for him with the WWE universe. Edge’s appearance on Smackdown Live will be a welcoming sight as soon as his old entrance music goes off.

During his career, Edge had a Hall of Fame career racking up a record-breaking 31 championships in the WWE. This includes 11 world title reigns and a record 12 tag team championships. His return to the program should be interesting to say the least.

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