After Being Traded And Cut From 3 Different Teams, Knile Davis Signs A New Contract With An Unlikely Team



It’s a tough life for NFL running backs. While receivers aim to beat a defender into open space, running backs charge directly at the opposing defense and rely on quick movements to not get crushed. With rookie contract rates maxed out at low numbers, veteran running backs often find themselves out of a job when a team picks up a young, fresh running back for half the wages.

Knile Davis found that out the hard way this year. After 4 years with the Kansas City Chiefs, Davis was traded to Green Bay for a conditional draft pick. After just two weeks in Wisconsin, Davis found himself on the waiver wires after being cut. Then, he was swooped up by the New York Jets, only to be cut to the waivers again the very next day.

Now he’s finally found a new home, his fourth of the season. And it’s come from an unlikely by familiar team: The Kansas City Chiefs. After trading him and watching him get dropped by two different teams, the Chiefs have picked him up again.

It’s surely been a rough few weeks for the running back, who was unsure if he’d be picked up again. Going back to the team he’s played for his whole career will be nice, as he knows the staff, players and the playbook. But it’ll be a little awkward facing his former and now current teammates in practice after all he’s been through in the last month.

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