After Second Substance Abuse Violation, Steelers RB Faces 10 Game Suspension



While the NFL seems unable to be consistent when it comes to domestic violence and excessive celebrations, they’ve managed to set and adhere to very strict guidelines regarding substance abuse.

After serving a 4 game suspension, repeat offenders are hit with a 10 game suspension and then an indefinite suspension that can be reviewed after a year’s time. Unfortunately for Steelers fans, one of their running backs just hit step 2.

While star Le’Veon Bell has managed to avoid a second violation this season after missing the first four games, second year running back Karlos Williams has not. Williams missed the first four games of the season, and was picked up by the Steelers after being waived by the Bills. Now, he’s been caught violating the rules again and will face a 10 game suspension.

With the return of Big Ben and the dominance of Le’Veon Bell, the loss of Williams should have a negligible effect on the team. Still, he’s a talented young back and you hate to see a player throw that talent away over drugs.

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