AJ Styles Finally Addresses One Huge Rumor



In his first several months with the WWE, AJ Styles has had a meteoric rise through the ranks. Along the way, there have been many rumored matches that he could possibly partake in. In light of that, Styles recently addressed one mega match that he would actually like to come to fruition, according to Sports Illustrated.

“I would love the opportunity to wrestle him. I’d love to learn from him, but who’s to say if that’s going to happen. Right now, it’s all speculation and rumors that I’m finding out like everyone else is, but man, what a match that would be.”

 This could pull things full circle for Styles as he made his debut with the WWE at the Royal Rumble earlier this year as the third participant in the 30-man match. The 39-year-old in the last couple of months has become a top-billed superstar currently holding the WWE championship. He has already had two successful defenses of the title since defeating Dean Ambrose at Backlash.
Meanwhile, Michaels has been away from the ring for a few years. In fact, he has taken up a coaching role at the WWE’s performance center in Orlando. However, this were to come to fruition it would be a fascinating match to watch.

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