AJ Styles Has An Interesting Take About His Transition To WWE



In less than a year since his arrival to the WWE, AJ Style has taken the company by storm. He has quickly risen to the top of the crop as one of the business’ top performers. In a recent interview with NBC Sports, Styles talked about the transition for him to the WWE.

“It’s been easy. Every guy that I’ve worked here in the WWE has been great. I think they understand that it’s not about them, it’s not about me, it’s about the match and about making sure that people enjoy what they’re seeing because if we work together and put on a good product, we’ll keep those fans.”

This is not surprising to hear given that Styles has quickly fit in with the roster. Remember, he is a veteran in the industry having spent many years on the indie scene and established himself national during his decade-long stay at TNA. Styles knows how the business works and this was easy for him to adjust to the WWE’s standards.
All of this has made for a bright future ahead of him with the company. He has continued to put on strong performances with just about every wrestler that he has faced. Styles could be in store for a lengthy a WWE world title reign.

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