Alberto Del Rio Has Finally Addressed A Long Standing WWE Rumor



In wake of his departure from the WWE several weeks ago, there have been many rumors spread about the situation. This has included the possibility of the company attempting to break the relationship that he has with Paige. In a recent interview with ESPN, Del Rio responded to that possible scenario.

“To be honest, I don’t care what they say or what they try to do. We are together, and we are happy. I know a lot of people are not happy, but regardless of whatever people say, we can be happy. We can be together. And we are going to stay together because we are happy.”

Although he didn’t directly address the rumor, it’s clear that it could have happened. It appears that this question did strike a nerve with Del Rio as there were numerous reports that the WWE had viewed his relationship with Paige as being toxic. This may have very well factored into his decision to leave.

With this now behind him, Del Rio can now focus on what lies ahead of him in post WWE-career. He has already opened up a restaurant in San Antonio and was announced as the new president of Combate Americas, which is the first Hispanic MMA company. The future is clearly bright for Del Rio.

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