Alberto Del Rio Has Just Unveiled Details About Paige’s Neck Injury



In the last several days, there has been a huge fuss about the details concerning Paige’s neck injury. There have been several reports stating that the WWE doesn’t believe she needs surgery. Alberto Del Rio has apparently had enough of this as he tweeted out a possible direct message from the doctors revealing the extent of Paige’s injury.

if this is indeed the case, it gives more reason to believe that the 24-year-old does need surgery to repair her neck. These sound like ailments that only an operation could fix and not just rehabilitation.She is scheduled to go under the knife this upcoming Wednesday with a time frame to return between mid-April to mid-July.

The WWE has stated they will not pay for her operation because they believe she does not require it for her injury. That said, it doesn’t appear that this is going to prevent her from going through with it. Hopefully, this situation gets resolved soon before it gets any worse.

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