Alberto Del Rio Reveals Another Big Reason Why He Left WWE



Since Alberto Del Rio made the decision to leave the WWE back in August, there was much speculation as to why he had gone that route. There were reports that he had been unhappy for quite some time about his role in the company, but beyond that it was still a mystery. In a recent interview with KENS 5, Del Rio provided another major reason why he left the WWE

“That was one of the main reasons why I decided to leave that company, it was my decision not to work for WWE. I’m always gonna be grateful with that company because they put me out there, they gave me a name, they gave me the opportunity to show my talent to the world. And because of that I am always going to be grateful, but it was time for me to just enjoy my family, start new projects like this one, I’m the President of Combate Americas which is the first American-Hispanic MMA company in history. We’re doing great things out there, we working with our business partners in Mexico and they’re helping us to make this company something spectacular. I’m doing doing a lot of projects that I could not have done in WWE, but now I’m doing them and I’m just happy I get to see my kids everyday and that makes me the happiest man in the world.”

This has made it quite clear that Del Rio was looking for more control of his career. He has seen himself head out of the title picture in the WWE over the last few months of his tenure. The decision to leave now gives him the ability to dictate what where he will wrestle and what he will wrestle for.
That said, Del Rio now has complete control fo his wrestling future on the independent circuit and in other ventures. It’s the freedom that he lacked during his time with the WWE. Ultimately, this may turn out to be the best option for him.

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