Alexa Bliss Has A Surprising Choice For Her Pro Wrestling Influence



In the last few months, Alexa Bliss has taken up a prominent role in the WWE since being called up the main roster. She is currently the primary competitor for Becky Lynch in hopes of jarring free the Smackdown Live women’s title. In a recent interview with the Ottawa Sun, Bliss revealed who have been her greatest influences in the ring.

“I watched wrestling religiously with my grandparents all the time,” she said. “I loved watching Trish Stratus because she was so iconic and such a powerful woman. I loved watching Rey Mysterio because his lucha style reminded me so much of gymnastics. His style was so fascinating to me.”

Stratus has been a common choice of many women wrestlers, but to hear Rey Mysterio’s name is quite interesting. It is a rarity for him being mentioned about women wrestlers as a source of inspiration. That said, Bliss does have a background in gymnastics so it makes sense that he is one of her primary choices.

In light of that, Bliss has taken up a prominent role in the WWE excelling in the role of the heel. This has been her chance on growing her brand and following the ring. All in all, Bliss’ choice of Mysterio is quite intriguing to say the least.

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