Alexa Bliss Has One Reason Why She Likes Likes Being A Heel



In the last several months, Alexa Bliss has taken up a prominent role on the WWE main roster. She has seen herself settle into being a heel on the program as the primary competitor for the Smackdown Live Women’s championship. In a recent interview with the Ottawa Sun, Bliss revealed why she enjoys that role.

“It’s so much more fun getting people not to like you. You get to act ways you can’t act in public. It’s out of the box. It’s out of your realm. You get to try things. I study a lot of people and their mannerisms. If I see somebody do something I don’t like, I use that. I’m thinking if I don’t like it, I’m sure somebody else doesn’t like it either.”

Being a heel in the WWE is quite different than anything else in the professional wrestling business. It provides the superstar a chance to improvise and portray a character that they are not in their normal life. It allows for them to connect to the fans on a different level that they can in many ways draw a stronger reaction.

Bliss has done a strong job of that over the last few months being a heel against Becky Lynch. She has given that rivalry and title more meaning because of her work in the ring and on the microphone. It will be interesting to see where it takes her next.

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