Andrew Luck Says He Knows Who’s To Blame For All The Sacks He’s Faced This Season



The Colts have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL lining up behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL. It’s been 55 games since the Colts had a player break 100 rushing yards. They’re a pass first offense, but those numbers are still startling bad.

Their inability to run the ball allows opposing defenses to commit to the pass defense, making things hard for Andrew Luck. That same O-line that can’t block for the run has also allowed a league high 20 sacks and 42 quarterback hits this season. It doesn’t matter how tough a quarterback is, no one can stay healthy taking that many hits.

People are starting to ask questions, and on Wednesday Andrew Luck finally gave an answer. Rather than blame any of his teammates for their constant mistakes, he shouldered the blame himself. Via ESPN:

“You are going to have a clock in your head regardless of how much you are getting hit or not hit or sacked or whatever that is,” Luck said. “Again, I have said this before, I don’t think the sacks are necessarily indicative of how well our offensive line is playing. You can probably blame me for holding the ball too long. It is that clock developing in the game.”

There’s certainly some truth to Luck’s claim that he’s taking too long on his passes. The Colts prefer deep balls, which requires the offensive line to hold for longer than other teams. It takes Andrew Luck an average of 2.82 seconds to pass, compared to the league average of 2.48 seconds. Still, if that’s the game plan then the offensive line needs to perform a lot better.

While those problems are deep and systemic, Andrew Luck still believes that the team can turn things around.

“It’s a double-edged sword like most things in professional sports,” Luck said. “We know as an offense that big plays are great but also first downs and touchdowns are great. Everything positive is great for an offense. It’s finding the right balance and I think we are still working at getting that.”

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