Another Superstar Is Furious With WWE



A few days ago, Cesaro voiced his frustrations with the fact that he was not featured on the promotion poster from an upcoming event in his home country of Switzerland. It was quite surprising given that it’s where he was born and raised. With that in mind, another WWE superstar is angered by a similar instance.

What this translate to is “When I could not even be on the show poster in my country ..” There is plenty of reason for Sin Cara to be upset at this miscue. You would think that given it’s his country of origin that the WWE would put him on the poster for the event.

It’s likely something that will blow over in the next few days but brings up the question as to who is putting together the posters for advertisement. This was a perfect opportunity to promote one of their popular wrestlers ahead of his homecoming. Hopefully, this trend doesn’t continue or more superstars could voice their same displeasure.

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