Are The Cowboys ‘America’s Team’?



The Dallas Cowboys have gone from laughingstock of the NFL in 2015 to one of the best teams in either conference this season. They’ve done so with the help of two outstanding rookies – Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott – but it hasn’t just been those two playing a role in their 5-1 start.

Dez Bryant, who’s been injured for a few weeks, and Jason Witten have also made an impact, and fans are recognizing that. In addition to that fact, there are still plenty of Tony Romo supporters out there, too.

The NFL Players association released its latest list of merchandise sales since the start of June, and the Cowboys are absolutely dominating everyone else. They have four players in the top 11, while no other team has more than three in the top 27. Those four players are Dez Bryant (No. 1), Romo (No. 6), Witten (No. 10) and Elliott (No. 11).

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