Bad News For Grizzlies Fans As Details Of Marc Gasol’s Injury Surface



Marc Gasol was injured during Saturday’s double overtime matchup against the Houston Rockets. At the time the injury was thought to be a simple sprained ankle, but much to the dismay of Grizzles fans, it now seems much worse.

While a bruised bone isn’t too serious, and will only force Gasol to miss Wednesday’s game, this could be a more serious problem. Gasol had surgery in February to repair a non-displaced Type II fracture of the navicular bone in the same foot. It took the last two months of the season and the entire off season for Gasol to recover. The bruised bone raises concerns that the surgery may not have healed properly, and that Gasol may be prone to re-injury.

While the signing of Chandler Parsons and the return of Mike Conley Jr. are cause for celebration in Mephis, Gasol is the clear backbone of the team. His talents help make the Grizzlies one of the best defenses in the league, and his absence would be detrimental.

Marc Gasol averaged 16.6 points with 7.0 rebounds and 1.3 blocks per game through 52 games last season.

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