Bayley Makes It Clear What Brand She Wanted To Be On



In the last two years, Bayley has become a rising star in the WWE that resulted in her call up to main roster a couple of months ago. However, this was done a few weeks after the company underwent the brand split draft. In a recent interview with the Sporting News, Bayley revealed what show she wanted to be selected to be on.

“I saw that Carmella had gone to ‘SmackDown’ and I thought that would be amazing since we’re best friends but, at the time, the championship was on ‘Raw,’ so that was also where I wanted to be because that’s one of my goals, to be the WWE Women’s Champion. I was kind of leaning more toward ‘Raw’ because I knew Carmella and I would still see each other — we still talk all the time — but I needed to be in that title picture, and having to be on the same roster as Sasha (Banks) has been really helpful as well.”

Bayley would have been fine either way given that there is a women’s title on each show, but she has quickly found her place on the Raw roster. She found herself immersed in the championship picture and could be in line soon for her first reign in the coming months. The bond between her and Sasha Banks has greatly helped the women’s division on the program.

Things could take a dramatic shift following Hell in a Cell later this month if Banks retains the title. This could set up an intense rivalry between the two members of the Four Horsewomen in NXT. Either way, Bayley has a bright future ahead of her in the WWE.

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