Becky Lynch Has Made It Clear Who Is Her Dream Opponent



Since her arrival to the main roster just over a year ago, Becky Lynch has established herself as one of the premier women wrestlers in the company. She is currently the Smackdown Live women’s champion. In an interview with Plantena Wrestling, she revealed who is her dream opponent.

“Lita would be one just because when I was growing up she was the one that I could relate to her, she’s the one that — I could be like that, you know? She’s cook, she’s a tomboy, but Jazz was one of my favorite wrestlers because she’s amazing. And she’s got incredible shoulders. That’s just the reason I want to face her, so we could have a good deltoid-off (chuckles). Yeah, Jazz or Lita. Lita first then Jazz. First and second.”

During her heyday, Lita was one of the best women wrestlers of her generation. Since retiring in 2006, she has made sporadic appearances in the ring. Earlier this year, she also picked up an analyst role with the company and hasn’t touched upon a possible comeback. However, if the circumstances were to be right she could put on one more match.

As for Jazz, since she left the company in 2006, she has been on the independent circuit. However, there hasn’t been any talk of her return. If any of these matches were to take place, it would have to be at a major pay-per-view event.

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