Becky Lynch Why She Originally Didn’t Want To Join WWE



In the last three years, Becky Lynch has quickly risen to the top in the WWE as the first Smackdown Live women’s champion. She has also established herself as one of the premier wrestlers in the business. According to ESPN.com,  Lynch didn’t always want to be a part of the WWE.

“When I was younger, I didn’t want to come to WWE because I didn’t fit into the mold. I couldn’t identify myself with the term “diva.” The divas brand was meant to put a spotlight on the women, but the term to me felt more glamorous than me.”

 The WWE has made some major changes in that department with the change in philosophy for the women’s division moving away from the term “diva.” Instead, the company has made moves to help create credibility. It has implemented an entirely new group of women wrestlers on the program with wrestling backgrounds or at least working their way through NXT.
Lynch has been a by-product of that alteration pushing her way through up through the ranks to get where she is now. In fact, she has become one of the faces of this new generation of women superstars as a member of the Four Horsewomen. The future is bright for not only Lynch but the entire women’s division fo the WWE.

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