Big Show Has An Interesting Stance on Roman Reigns



Over the last couple of years, Roman Reigns has caught plenty of flak from hardcore wrestling fans. In fact, there is a growing dislike for Reigns that has made the constant corral of boos a normalcy when makes an appearance. However, the Big Show has counteracted that a bit with his most recent comments during an interview with Digital Spy.

“Roman works the best when he’s got somebody bigger to attack him. I thought his stuff he did with Brock was amazing at Mania. I think Roman has a lot of all the right pieces to make everything work. I just think it’s our society nowadays to pick on the guy that’s good-looking, that’s athletic, that’s actually getting a break. But let’s give credit where credit’s due. The kid’s a hard-working kid, he’s a hell of an athlete, he’s got a great look and in the ring his timing’s good. That was one of the things that he worked well with me because matches with me are really simple: If you treat me like a giant and you sell, I make your life easy. I’m good at taking comebacks and I’m good at taking finishers and I’m gonna get you over. If you work with me I’m gonna get you over – or at least the match is gonna be good. Roman gets that.”

There’s no denying that Reigns has the physical build and athleticism to be a top-billed superstar, but where the problems lie with fans is with his limited move set and poor microphone skills. His matches have also become quite predictable with his dependency on a few moves. Reigns has put on strong performances from time to time, but his lack of consistency in the ring is what has become frustrating to fans.

What has made it even more mind-boggling is that Reigns has seen himself fixated in the babyface role for over the last couple of years that may remain that way for the foreseeable future. That said, he still has garnered much respect from his colleagues because of his work ethic and connection with the fans. At this point, it has become a double-edged sword situation for Reigns but one thing is for sure is that he’s one of the company’s most polarizing superstars.

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