Big Show May Have Just Hinted At His Future Beyond Wrestlemania 33



Over the last few months, there has been move speculation surrounding Big Show’s future with the WWE beyond WrestleMania 33. Although he has indicated that he isn’t retiring, there’s no clarity as to what his involvement with the company will be. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Big Show further clouded things.

“This is going to be a big media spectacle, once we start kicking off the angle, who knows what we’re going to do and who knows how we’re going to tie it together, how we’re going to make it work? I don’t see anything bigger than that happening for me in this stage of my career. I’m happy for the spotlight that I’m going to share with Shaq at WrestleMania and that’s that. If that’s the last opportunity, thank you very much, it’s been a fantastic time. If Vince comes up with something else, I’ll be there with a smile on my face and make that happen too.”

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