Bill Simmons Tears Into Chargers Owner For Trying To Get Over $1 Billion In Taxpayer Money For Stadium



Next month, the people of San Diego will get the chance to vote on Ballot Measure C, which would approve $1.1 billion in public funding for a new stadium for the Chargers. Owner Alex Spanos has launched a full blown media campaign to lobby the people of San Diego to approve the funding. He’s gone as far as to invent a new word, “convadium” (a combination of convention center and stadium), in an attempt to distance the initiative from other controversial stadium funding projects around the country.

Bill Simmons, who has gotten himself in plenty of trouble over the years for speaking his mind and going after billionaire franchise owners, does not approve. He dedicated a segment on his HBO show, Any Given Wednesday with Bill Simmons, to explaining just how ridiculous the proposal is.

Perhaps the strongest argument in the video is his point about economists. Economists agree on almost nothing, but they agree that stadium construction is a bad use of public funds. The people of San Diego will have to decide if they want to let a billionaire manipulate them by holding their team hostage, or do what’s best for the city.

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