Bogut Gives A Foreign Perspective On America’s Election



When it comes to elections, people can get very emotional. Whether your candidate won or lost on Tuesday, it can be hard to have a rational conversation about the future. Sometimes it’s good to get outside perspective.

For the NBA, that perspective comes from Australian Andrew Bogut. He shared his thoughts on both candidates and the aftermath of the election with ESPN.

“I wouldn’t have voted for either. I would love to have been able to take a little bit from every candidate and mold them into one. That’s a pipe dream for every person. Because I think Trump has some good policies, especially around bringing jobs back here and taxing companies that go ex-pat and try to take their labor to China or whatever. I think that’s great because I think it’s going to help American people in the long run. Keep jobs. And then Clinton has some good things too, but you can’t mold them into one person unfortunately.”

Bogut also talked about the shock after the election, one that seemed to be a certain victory for Clinton. He attributed it to a failure on the part of the media.

“I think there’s surprise because the mainstream media’s ingrained in everyone’s head that it was going to be an avalanche for Democrats. You know, mainstream media, it’s not secret. Every portion of the mainstream media is heavily left. There’s a huge bias. So I think, to say he was 20-to-1, 15-to-1, 10-to-1, I think that played a part in it. No one trusts the mainstream media anymore. I don’t trust them. I got in trouble two weeks ago because of who I follow. I’ve got some far left follows, like yourself. I’ve got some far right follows. I’ve got some conservatives. I try to read a little bit from all aspects and then try to figure out what the hell really happened. And I was getting killed for that because I had some far right, and I’m like, I really don’t care.”

His point about both sides getting mad at him for even listening to what the other side has to say is particularly important. Nobody will be happy if both sides can’t learn to listen to each other and work together.

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