Booker T Has Clearly Had Enough of James Ellsworth



In the last several weeks, James Ellsworth has been featured in a prominent role on Smackdown Live. During this time, he became a crowd favorite in the WWE universe. However, Booker T in the latest edition of his “Heated Conversations” podcast took aim at the longtime independent circuit journeyman.

“It is old. I’m tired of seeing James Ellsworth. This kid had one hell of a run, but send him back to the independents. I’ve seen this guy at a convention, I was appalled, but this guy is going to live this run for quite some time. He’s probably getting a good price out there on the Indy show. They’re probably bringing him in as an attraction, but the thing of it is, me personally I’m not a hater, but you must ride it for as long as you can. Look at Hornswoggle, he worked with WWE for 6-7 years, you can’t hate people like that, but you wonder how James Ellsworth fit into the WWE mold? It just makes you wonder. There are people in my Reality of Wrestling just scratching at the door, so when I see Ellsworth, there’s just gotta be a way, but you have to wait your turn, but it’s definitely getting a little old.”
Booker T’s comments should not completely come out of left field as there is bound to be other wrestlers who hold the same sentiment toward Ellsworth. His act doesn’t appear to have much legs outside of being involved in the AJ Styles and Dean Ambrose feud. Even then, there isn’t much reason for fans to take him seriously in the ring because of his physic and history of being thrown around like a ragdoll in the WWE up to this point.
That said, he does have the relatability factor down pat with the fans that has helped generate major profit from his merchandise in the WWE store. This could very well help him earn a contract with the company. It will be interesting to see how long the WWE rides this wave with Ellsworth.

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