Booker T Has His Eyes Set On A WrestleMania Dream Match



Since his retirement a few years ago, there has been a strong push to see Booker T get back in the ring for one last match. He last competed in a match in 2012, but has since been relegated to a on-air role as a commentator. In light of that, the 51-year-old recently revealed his WrestleMania 33 dream match on the WWE Network Table For 3 tv show.

“I sit and I wonder, sometimes, man, ‘can I go out there and have one last WrestleMania triple threat tag match with The New Day?’ I would have to have the right team. Do you all know anybody? WrestleMania 33? I’m talking about The New Day versus old school.”

This could very well be the stage where Booker T could come back. This is often the stage were past greats make their return the ring. For the six-time world champion, it would be a welcoming sight.
Booker T is still a crow favorite and competing a tag team match against the New Day would be a great match. This doesn’t even have to be a title match, but one that has the WWE Hall of Famer show flashes of his old self including the Spinaroni.  It’s just a win-win situation all around.

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