Booker T Takes Aim With A Blatant Shot At Brian Kendrick



Booker T spent more than two decades in the ring as a professional wrestler with the WWE and WCW. He has seen it all throughout his career and following it. In the inaugural episode of Raw Talk, Booker T decided to take aim at new WWE  cruiserweight champion Brian Kendrick.

Although the shots taken were likely scripted, Kendrick has caught plenty of backlash on how he won the title. It has been viewed by many as a sleazy was of getting the title. Then again, it fuels the character that he’s portraying as a heel on the program.

Kendrick is currently caught up in a feud with TJ Perkins, who he mentored as a teenager to pursue his professional wrestling career. It may not be his best work in the ring, but the 37-year-old is making the best of his second opportunity in the WWE. This will be interesting to see how things unfold further in the coming weeks.

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