Brace Yourself: Deflategate 2 Begins After Seahawks Kicker Controversy



Since Tom Brady’s return to the NFL, we’ve enjoyed five beautiful weeks without having to hear about deflated footballs. Hope you enjoyed it, because this garbage seems ready to start up again.

This time it isn’t Tom Brady and the Patriots that are being accused of the lamest, most worthless form of cheating ever. Instead, it’s the other successful team everyone loves to hate, the Seattle Seahawks. Pictures from their game against the Bills, and one from their game against the Panthers, are circulating that appear to show Seahawks punter Jon Ryan using an under inflated football.

The picture on the left is actually from the Seahawks game against the Panthers in the playoffs last January, not from the Bills games. It seems to be the most damning one, as the others are too low resolution to draw real conclusions from. But at this point it doesn’t even matter if it’s real or not. It doesn’t matter that overinflated balls travel further than uninflated ones. The NFL proved in their two year witch hunt that they will make a mountain out of a molehill with regards to football inflation.

Strap in, because this is going to suck. Again.

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