Brandon Marshall Has Some Strong Words About Antonio Brown’s Excessive Celebrations



Fans have often joked that NFL stands for No Fun League. They’ve certainly lived up to the nickname this season, ignoring real issues like player safety and domestic violence to instead focus on issuing as many “excessive celebration” penalties as possible.

Just 4 games in, we’ve already seen a 55.6% increase in excessive celebration penalties this season. The list of banned celebrations grows longer and the enforcement of those celebrations grows stricter.

Brandon Marshall, the star receiver of the New York Jets, is fed up with it. He stood up for the Steeler’s Antonio Brown, who was issued a penalty and a fine for twerking in the end zone.

“We need Antonio Brown twerking in the end zone… I guarantee if I score, I’m twerking in the end zone.”

These guys are playing a game. Banning celebrations for success in a game is absurd. That’s not to say that there should be no rules on what’s acceptable; no one wants to watch a 10 minute choreographed dance or watch players gloat in the faces of the opposing team. But banning dancing is absurd, and the NFL is cracking down to the point that we’ll soon see players get fined for smiling too big or for dumping Gatorade on the coaches head after a big win.

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