Bray Wyatt Is Still In Awe About Facing One WWE Legend



Bray Wyatt has been with the WWE for over the last several years. This has provided him the opportunity to wrestle some of the biggest superstars in the business. In a recent interview with The Mirror, Wyatt spoke very highly about the Undertaker at WrestleMania 31.

“Man, I tell you what, watching him walking down that aisle, that ramp, coming to the ring at WrestleMania, was one of the most breathtaking moments I’ve ever experienced. It was, it felt like you have travelled back in time to the Old West and you were about to square off in a gunfight with the baddest gunslinger in town. I think just the aura he brings, man, it’s never duplicated. I have been in there with some real studs like The Rock [at WrestleMania 32 this year] who has that kind of aura, John Cena has his own aura, but The Undertaker, there is no duplicating that. It’s just a feeling that he gives off man, which is just ‘wow’, it’s just real man, and getting ready to square off with him, watching him walk down, I’ve never felt so alive. I couldn’t wait for that bell to ring. Man, what a feeling.”

The Undertaker is one of the most well-respected wrestlers in the business that continued to get better with age. His entrance is one that has become legendary and only grown the mystique that surrounds him. The Undertaker is in a league of his own that has enamored fans for over the past two decades.
In his own right, Wyatt has created his own persona that many fans connected with over the last few years. Although his lack of success in the ring has taken a hit to his credibility, he is still one of the most entertaining figures in the business. If Wyatt can garner any of the aura that The Undertaker has, it would be a huge stepping stone for him in his career.

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