Breaking News: NBA Personality Robbed At Gunpoint In Their Own Home



People in and around professional sports can often be the targets of serious crimes. They’re generally wealthy and famous, making them a prime target for criminals who can find where they live and rob them.

That’s exactly what happened to NBA Inside Stuff Co-host Kristen Ledlow this weekend. She announced on her social media that she’d be taking a break from public appearances after a terrifying incident that involved armed men breaking into her home and robbing her at gun point. She stated that the robbers know where she lived and who she was, so it was clearly a targeted incident and not simply random. No suspects have yet been caught.

Fortunately, Ledlow was not physically harmed during the altercation, though the trauma of being robbed in her own home is surely difficult to deal with. Hopefully the parties responsible will be caught soon and brought to justice to help bring some peace of mind to Ledlow.

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