Breaking: Patriots Trade Star Player To Cleveland For Draft Pick



Bill Belichick is known for a lot of things. He’s one of the greatest coaches in NFL history, and he’s achieved that through a lot of different strategies. One of them is keeping salary costs low by developing young talent or players that haven’t worked out for other teams. When players on his team get too expensive to retain, Belichick has no doubts about trading them. He’s a student of the “better to trade too early than too late” school of thought.

All of that is to say that the news that the Patriots are trading away one of their best defensive talents, linebacker Jamie Collins, shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Collins enters his free agency this summer, and is said to be seeking a contract worth “Von Miller money.”

Collins is a star for sure, and he can probably earn a contract worth at least close to that amount. But unless your name is Tom Brady, you’re not getting that kind of money out of Belichick’s Patriots. Still, the move has a lot of Patriots fans concerned. Sure, he might not be worth $100 million and the Patriots aren’t going to pay that kind of money even if he is. But losing him for a half a season, plus the playoffs, for a 3rd round pick is a pretty bad deal. Surely they could get more for him, or just hold on to him and let him walk during the summer. Is a third round pick really worth more than a starting, healthy linebacker in a season where the Patriots will be looking to win it all?

The answer seems like no, but only a fool would pretend to know football better than Belichick, so we’ll trust his instincts on this one.

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