Brie Bella Provides More Fuel To Her Comeback



Earlier this year, Brie Bella made the decision to step away from the ring. However, she has recently been quite vocal about returning at some point. According to an interview with AfterBuzz TV, Bella opened the door to her stepping back into the ring.

No. I definitely have to make a comeback. I’d never go on the road, because my child is number one. I would love to come back for a match. I would love it, especially if I can do it with my sister and have another match with her because we didn’t get that. My retirement, I always visualized my husband being by my side and being in the ring with my sister. I didn’t get either of those. So I would love something like that and I’ll see how I can get myself back into shape after.

Prior to this, Bella had voiced her hopes for returning at SummerSlam next year if given the opportunity to do so. It would put her a few months removed from the birth of her first child. This would also give her enough time to get in shape to wrestle at the pay-per-view event.

There are still plenty of things to sort out before that can occur. The birth of her daughter will play a major part in the decision to come back to the ring. Ultimately, it’s something certainly to watch in the coming weeks.

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