Broncos Build For Future By Locking Down Defensive Star With 4 Year Extension



While the Broncos offensive situation is less than ideal, their defense is one of the best in football. Their secondary is particularly dominant, featuring 4 All Pro players. And it looks like that will continue, at least for the next four years.

Hot off an incredible performance last week, the Broncos have just given Safety Darian Stewart a 4 year contract extension that will keep him with the team until 2020. The contract is worth $30 million, a bargain for a player of his skill level. Stewart is playing the best football of his career with the Broncos this season, and is clearly keen on continuing that trend.

The move is also a testament to John Elway’s skills as an executive. He signs amazing players to reasonable contracts to leave him enough cap space for mega contracts for a franchise star like Von Miller, all without busting the cap or putting his team in a position to be screwed by cap allocation space. He’s proved to be just as good an executive as he was a player.

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