Broncos Coaching Search May Be Over After Big Announcement From John Elway



The hunt for a new head coach is in full swing for many teams. Not all open jobs are equal though, with some presenting a better situation than others.

The job with the 49ers is probably the worst, given how badly they’ve performed in recent years and how incompetent their CEO Jed York is. Denver, on the other hand, is an easier sell. They’ve got a stellar defense and a few good pieces to work with on offense. Hell, they’re just one year removed from a Super Bowl win. So many it’s no surprise that they seem to be ahead of the pack in terms of replacing their coach.

Today, John Elway, who owns the team and is one of the most beloved players in franchise history, tweeted about a very successful meeting he had with a potential candidate. That candidate was Kyle Shanahan, the offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons.

Shanahan is in hot commodity after putting together the most prolific offense by the numbers in the whole league. The Falcons offense ranks in the 99% percentile for offenses since the AFL/NFL merger. Given the stout defense that the Broncos are already working with, an offensive guru like Shanahan would be a smart fit.

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