Browns Plan To Sideline Eli Manning With A Hit To Make History Happen



When the New York Giants visit the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, it will mark Eli Manning’s 194th consecutive NFL start, one of the Browns’ five remaining chances to avoid 0-16, and also the first time the Nassib brothers have ever suited up on the same field together.

“I never played with him, never played against him,” said Giants backup QB Ryan Nassib said of his younger brother Carl, a 6-foot-7, 275-pound rookie defensive end for Cleveland. “So this will be a first for me being on the same field as him. It’s going to be interesting, but once the game gets started and the ball gets rolling it’s going to be like any other game.”

Of course, for little bro to get a shot at big bro, the Browns are going to have to sideline Manning with a hit or, perhaps more likely given how quickly Manning releases the ball, surrender a 30-something point lead.

“The players probably laughed at me but you guys will know this or not, I don’t know if another NFL player has ever sacked his brother,” said Browns defensive coordinator Ray Horton. “That is kind of what our goal is – you talked about 193 for Eli – is to get Eli out of the game and let Ryan come in and see if Carl can maybe, whoever picks up the bill tonight or tomorrow night for dinner, maybe that will give him a little incentive to get after his brother.”

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