Browns Receiver Mocks NFL Celebration Rules By Acting Like A Robot After Touchdown



Ignoring real problems to focus on completely irrelevant nonsense is a time honored tradition in the NFL. It’s one of the few things the league offices actually excel at doing. So while TV ratings drop and player safety concerns rise, it only makes sense that the NFL has spent most of its efforts this year leveling fines against players for dancing too much. Roger Goodell is the guy that watches Footloose and sides with the Mayor instead of Kevin Bacon.

The NFL’s ideal version of the game would involve a bunch of emotionless robots executing plays and staying silent otherwise. So when Cleveland Browns receiver Andrew Hawkins caught a touchdown pass against the Patriots, that’s exactly what he did.

It’s such a simple and brilliant way to mock the NFL for their excessive celebration calls without actually getting a flag for excessive celebration. In a game that was very ugly for the Browns overall, this was definitely the highlight of the day.

Presumably Roger Goodell has called an emergency meeting to enact a rule banning robotic moves before next weeks games.

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