Browns’ Terrelle Pryor Stuns Fans With Epic Response To Giants Cornerback’s Trash Talking



Cleveland Browns wideout Terrelle Pryor had six catches for a game-high 131 yards, but it was what he did after the game that will have everyone talking.

Following the Browns’ 27-13 loss to the Giants that dropped Cleveland to 0-12, New York cornerback Janoris Jenkins ripped the former Ohio State star on Twitter.

@TerrellePryor You a Sh*t Eater to me, u really sucks.. #

— Mr.Clampz2.0 (@JjenkzLockdown) November 27, 2016
Jenkins’ comments normally would incite an equally volatile response, especially in the testosterone-driven NFL. Instead, Pryor killed Jenkins with kindness.

But Jenkins didn’t let up.

Lol, cause he sucks, he caught balls n Zone coverage.. HeASh*tEaterToMe

— Mr.Clampz2.0 (@JjenkzLockdown) November 27, 2016

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