Bucs Defensive Star Was The Victim Of A Burglary, Injuries Involved



With the NFL comes fame and wealth, both of which draw the eye of criminals. Would be burglars know when players will be out of the house for road games, and can safely bet that the players probably have a lot of valuable items in their home to steal.

Such was the case for Bucs Pro Bowl DT Gerald McCoy. Just before the Bucs played the Falcons on Thursday night, he found out that his home had been broken into. Even worse, his father, who was home at the time, was assaulted by the burglar and suffered a broken wrist. Via ESPN:

Police have arrested and charged Justin Frazier, 17, with grand theft, aggravated assault, aggravated battery and two counts of armed burglary.

McCoy’s father, Gerald Sr., was home at the time of the incident and confronted Frazier in a second-story guest room above the garage. According to police, a physical confrontation ensued. Frazier pulled a gun and threatened McCoy, who suffered a broken wrist.

Frazier had outstanding arrest warrants in two counties related to burglaries he committed earlier in the week. Gerald Sr. was taken to the hospital for treatment of his broken wrist, but was otherwise fine.

While McCoy didn’t lose anything, and his father escaped with merely a broken arm, burglaries can be very emotionally difficult. They can destroy one’s sense of security and cause victims to worry about leaving the home. Hopefully McCoy can install some better security and find a way to move past the incident.

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