Can You Trust The NFL After New England?



The NFL has always had a bit of chaos to it, but there was still order in the league.Good teams won, bad teams lost, and every now and again the sides would flip — just to keep us on our toes.

The NFL loves parity. Every week, it boasts about how many games were close in the final two minutes of the contests. But what about the first 58 minutes?

There’s a lot of talk about television ratings and fewer stars and rookie-scale contracts and protests and penalties and over-the-top punishments and bad coaching and Twitter and GIFs — but that’s just talk.

When you go to a concert, or watch a movie or TV show, you do so because you trust that you will be entertained. Do you have that trust with the NFL anymore?

It’s a team problem. In a league of 32, there is only one team you can trust week in, week out, and even that standard was upset this season. But so long as Tom Brady is under center and Bill Belichick is drawing up the game plan, the Patriots will give you a good performance every week. But we’ve seen that movie before, for two decades, now. Is that the best the NFL has to offer?After New England, who can we trust?

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