Carmelo Anthony Is Infuriated About The Talk Surrounding Knicks



Aside from the addition of Derrick Rose in the offseason, the biggest topic of discussion around the New York Knicks has been their use of the Triangle offense. This has been a prominent topic of discussion for the team with many players voicing their frustrations learning the system. In light of that, Carmelo Anthony appears to finally have had enough about the talk about the Triangle offense.

The Knicks are off to a slow start out of the gate holding a 2-4 record through the firs six games of the season. During this stretch, it has also become increasingly noticeable that the ball isn’t moving as much in the offense. There are two ball dominant players in Rose and Anthony.

Anthony has developed the strong reputation of being a ball stopper over the years that hasn’t equated to much success over since leaving the Denver Nuggets. That said, there is much to be said about the Triangle offense in that it could be an outdated system in the modern NBA that emphasizes spreading the floor and the 3-point shot. It’s something that will only be determined further as time wears on.


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