Carmelo Anthony Isn’t Exactly A Huge Fan of Jeremy Lin



It’s no secret that Carmelo Anthony didn’t get along with Jeremy Lin during their short tenure together with the New York Knicks. The two weren’t seeing eye to eye on the court and struggled tremendously to play together. According to the New York Post, when Anthony found out that Lin would be the franchise player for the Brooklyn Nets he didn’t exactly give a ringing endorsement.

“He is the face of their franchise – believe it or not,’’ Anthony said after Friday’s practice. “He came up, they paid him. Now the ball is in his hands. Now he’s one of the franchise players over there. I don’t know what you want me to say about that. I’m happy for him, excited for him to see how it’s going to turn out over there.”

Anthony was clearly trying to take the high road with the situation but showed that he had little faith in Lin being the Nets’ star player. The former Harvard product has struggled to find consistent traction since leaving the Knicks. He has shown to be a capable point guard but hasn’t shown to be beyond that yet in his career.

However, Lin now has the perfect opportunity to show that he can be just that in Brooklyn. He will be the starting point guard for the franchise in a prominent offensive role. Ultimately, it will fall on Lin’s shoulder to prove that he can handle that huge responsibility for the first time in his career.

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