Carmelo Anthony Slips Comment About Derrick Rose’s Rape Case


The Knicks are looking to break into the playoffs this year following the signings of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.  They have already faced a big early hurdle in their journey towards success.  This hurdle being the civil trial against Derrick rose for gang rape allegations.

Rose was not allowed to practice or play with the team until the completion of his trial. Carmelo Anthony had this to say when asked about his embattled teammate:

“If I was (Hornacek) I’d be calling Derrick and telling him, ‘Hurry up. Figure it out and hurry up back.’ “

Rose was found not liable in his civil case last week and was able to return to the Knicks two days ago. When asked about the ordeal he said, “I got through my little situation, but I’m happy to be focusing on nothing but basketball right now.” Both Rose and the Knicks must now put this situation behind them and concentrate on making the playoffs this year.

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