Cavs Coach Tyronn Lue Reveals Plans For Kyle Korver Debut, Role In Team



The Kyle Korver deal has been the biggest news in the NBA since it broke last week. And with the deal almost complete (the only hold up is Dunleavy dragging his feet), fans are ready to get a look at the new Cavs.

Head coach Tyronn Lue is hopeful that they’ll get that look as soon as their game against the Jazz. He explained how he plans to ease him into the team and what his role will look like going forward.

Assuming that Kyle (Korver) is available tonight, will you play him?”

Coach Lue gave a quick but direct response.

Yes, sir.”

What would you expect to see from Kyle, having never been on the floor with you guys?,” asked the reporter.

Lue, shaking his head, replied with another brief response.

I don’t know.”

Just going in blind?,” asked the reporter.

Who is?,” Lue asked with a raised eyebrow.

You,” said the reporter.

Lue, brushing the question aside with a shrug, replied with quick grin:


How many minutes would you want to play him (Korver)?,” the reporter asked.

It depends on the flow of the game,” Lue replied with a lighter demeanor. “You know, if he’s available to play, we’re going to play him minutes, so we’ll see how it goes.”

How does his skill set fit in with what you guys intend to do?,” asked another reporter.

I mean, well, we’re a team that, you know, looks to push the ball in transition, spread the floor, and shoot three’s,” Lue replied. “So, I mean, with him being one of the best three-point shooters in NBA history, you know, I think he fits in well with what we’re trying to do. You know, taking his open shots. But he also gives us another weapon as far as using him off screens, off pin-downs, you can run him around to give us some movement, so it’s a great addition for us.”

Korver should be a great fit in a 3-point heavy offense. He’s currently number 8 all time in 3s made (1,952), eighth in percentage (42.8), and 13th in attempts (4,554).

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