Cavs Explain Why They Didn’t Let Mo Williams Come To Ring Ceremony



The Cavs championship last year was one that the players, the organization and the city will never forget. They made that clear in the huge ring ceremony they held on October 25th to celebrate. Everyone affiliated with the organization was there, except one player.

Mo Williams was not only not invited, but was specifically prohibited from attending the ceremony. The organization made it very clear that the strained relationship between the organization and the 13 year veteran was the reason he was not allowed to attend. Via

Bringing Williams to The Q never crossed the Cavs’ mind. He’s not welcome, after picking up his $2.2 million option, deciding to retire the day training camp opened, and then electing to have knee surgery without filing retirement papers or negotiating a buyout with the Cavs, forcing them to keep him on their roster and pay him (while they search for a team to take his contract off their hands).

It’s pretty understandable why the Cavs didn’t want Williams around. Williams did what was best for him, to have the surgery needed to regain his health without retiring so that he could still collect on his contract. But the Cavs were down a roster slot and out several million because he chose not to officially retire, so they were understandably angry at Williams.

Since he hasn’t officially retired, the Cavs are looking to trade him. However, it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll find anyone interested in picking him up, especially after how he burned the Cavs.

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