Cavs Take A Dig At The Warriors With The Design Of Their Championship Rings



Last night, the Cleveland Cavaliers were finally awarded their championship rings during opening night. The rings look just as spectacular as you’d expect, with tons of cool details. One detail that NBA fans in the Bay Area surely won’t enjoy is the dig at the Warriors on the bottom of the ring.

Richard Jefferson, the Cavs Snapchat King, took some great up close photos of the ring after the game, and revealed a subtle dig at the Warriors on the bottom.

The ring uses diamonds and garnets to depict the 3-1 lead the Warriors blew to pave the way to the first NBA championship in Cleveland’s history. The 3-1 comeback is the only time a team has pulled off such a feat in an NBA finals. The designers of the rings, from Kay Jewelers, explain:

On the interior side of the ring is a line of seven gemstones to represent the best-of-seven games in an NBA Finals series. In the order the games were won, three white diamonds depict the Golden State Warriors and four genuine “wine-colored” garnets represent the Cavaliers, symbolizing the first time in NBA history that any team has overcome a 3-1 deficit to become NBA Champions.




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