Celtics Rookie Jaylen Brown Doesn’t Hold Back And Fires Shots At The Warriors


The Boston Celtics aren’t quite off to the start they had expected and hoped for coming into this season.  The Celtics currently sit at 6th in the East with a very mediocre record of 6-6.  While holding a .500 win average is certainly not a complete failure, they had hoped to be more dominant after new additions such as Al Horford.

Instead of early success they are struggling to define themselves as a team.  This was very evident in their blowout loss to the Golden State Warriors on Friday.  They lost by nearly 20 points and looked totally unable to handle the Warriors offense.  There is however some fire in this Celtics team.  The Warriors celebrated their success throughout the game and Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown had something to say about it:

Brown is certainly not the first person to feel disrespected by the Warriors on court behavior.  Let’s see if he and the Celtics can harness that anger and start to turn their season around.  The Celtics face off tonight against the Detroit Pistons.

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