Chad Gable Opens Up About WWE Future



In the last several months, Chad Gable and Jason Jordan have helped propel their tag team American Alpha into prominence in the WWE. There are one of the most exciting duos in the business. In a recent interview with Vavel, Gable spoke about his experience so far with the company.

“The year before that we were there at SummerSlam weekend in Brooklyn doing TV tapings for NXT and now fast forward a year later and we’re on the SummerSlam show it is just like kind of mind-blowing you know. Everything seems like it is so far away all of the time and you look so forward and it is like ‘man we have such a mountain to climb but you just chip away and all of a sudden you have made these giant steps in a year and it is really gratifying.”

American Alpha could in store for a huge 2017 with Smackdown Live that could include a couple of tag team title reigns. They are exciting performers in the ring that rely on their athleticism. There’s certainly a lot that can change over the next few months.

Shelton Benjamin is expected to make his return to the WWE as part of the Smackdown Live in a mentor role to American Alpha once he recovers from his torn rotator cuff injury. This could help elevate them in a larger role in the company. Regardless of what transpires, American Alpha has a bright future ahead.

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