Charles Barkley Rips ESPN Over Employee Treatment



Charles Barkley was a fantastic basketball player in his time, but his trash talking is where he really shines. If there was a Hall of Fame for trash talk, Charles Barkley would be a unanimous first ballot pick. Most recently, Barkley turned his sights on ESPN.

On TNT’s Inside the NBA, which Barkley co-hosts with Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, he made a joke at Kenny’s expense. When Kenny suggested that Barkley leave and go work for ESPN, Barkley immediately jumped on the chance to take some trash about the rival sports network.

“Not gonna work me like a dog and not pay me.”

“They’ll have me on ESPN One, Two, Three, ESPN News, ESPNU, ESPN Radio! They’re gonna have me on ESPN Deportes, saying muy bien, gracias!”

ESPN employees probably won’t be happy to hear this one, partially because he trashed their employer and partially because they know he’s right. Barkley would be a terrible fit at ESPN anyway. Bill Simmons got suspended after his remarks about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and Barkley says stuff like that on a weekly basis.

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