Charles Barkley Sparks Controversy By Saying LeBron Can’t Hold A Candle To These Two Players



LeBron James helped Cleveland bring home their first championship in franchise history earlier this year, and in doing so boosted his status in the list of all time greats. He’s gone from a top 10 player to being compared to Michael Jordan this summer. Charles Barkley, as usual, disagrees.

In the video below, Charles Barkley says that LeBron isn’t even close to Kobe and Tim Duncan. He says that people always talk about rings (a sore subject for Barkley since he never won one) and that by rings alone both Duncan and Kobe have LeBron beat. Of course, LeBron still has a few years left in the league, and time to win more and tie or surpass their records.

It’s also funny to hear Barkley note how absurd it is that he can call LeBron a top 8 player of all time and still be viewed as insulting the player. Clearly Chuck has a lot of respect for LeBron, and if anything this should only motivate LeBron further to plant himself at the top of the list of all time greats.

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