Charlotte Reveals What Has Been Most Difficult For Her Since Joining WWE



In the last several months, Charlotte has taken up a role as the heel. During this time, she has risen the ranks to arguably the best wrestler in the women’s division of Raw. In a recent interview with ESPN.com, Charlotte revealed that being a babyface was extremely hard.

“The hard part for me was not the wrestling — it was showing emotion, telling a story and being able to connect with fans. Coming out as Ric Flair’s daughter and being called athletically gifted, it’s hard to say, “Hey, like me! You can relate to me!” It wasn’t working, so I completely switched my character. I find it easier to pretend to be the person everyone already thinks I am versus being who I am.”

Charlotte does make a good point as she struggled to truly connect with fans in that regards. She entered the WWE as being ‘genetically superior” because she was the daughter of Ric Flair. This made it hard to just make herself seem like she can be a babyface becauseĀ of that.

In the role of a heel, she has been able to build up a character that has no regard for others. Charlotte has also used the ‘genetically superior” stance as one of her talking points to draw some hatred from fans. All in all, it looks like she found her niche in the company as a heel.

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